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Damn, I wish I had time to spend to keep this page looking cool!
Someday maybe, but for now I will keep it simple.

Something will go here when I get time to update this thing.

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Best of the Best
(You can get current versions of the software from the download link below)
Browser - Netscape
Office Suite - Corel (Open Office is getting better...)
Virus Scanner - McAfee
Personal Firewall - ZoneAlarm
CD/DVD Burning - Roxio EZCD Creator
CD Burner - Plextor
DVD Burner - Sony
Hard Disks - WesternDigital or Seagate - Click here for details!
Portable storage - Iomega JAZ or any USB Memory Device
Video Cards - NVidia
Photo/Graphic editor besides Photoshop - Can't find one that has everything...
Computers - Micron
Printers - HP Lasers (all inkjets suck)
Scanners - HP Scanjets
MP3 player - WinAMP
FTP client - CuteFTP
Search Engine - Yahoo!
My.Page -
Add Killer - AdMuncher - Love the Cow!
Popup Killer - Netscape
OS - anything Linux
PDAs - anything Palm based...
Network OS - Netware
Digital Cameras - Kodak
Technology GOD - Steve Gibson @
  -- notice any company missing? humm.....

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